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Thomas in America

Distant Relatives

THOMAS VAYRO 1833 - 1910 and ELIZABETH CROFT 1832 - 1902,
The Wensleydale Ancestors who emigrated to the United States of America in 1869

To enable me to complete this research I sought help from colleagues in both the Guild of One Name Studies, and the Upper Dales Family History Group in order to trace the family of Thomas Vayro and Elizabeth (nee Croft) from 1869 to the present day.

It was a Guild of One Name Studies member, Corinne Curtis who provided me with over 30 pages of material extracted from a variety of sources containing records for the USA. Without her assistance I would not have made the progress I have on the USA families.

This particular Thomas Vayro was the son of James Vayro and Mary Walker of Angram Cote Farm in Ellingstring, Wensleydale. He was baptised 25 th December 1833 at East Witton St. John the Evangelist, entry P56/492 in the Parish Register by Rev William Jones. Thomas was the youngest of eight children Mary (2), Dorothy, James, William, Esther and John. His father James is my GGG/Gf and his brother William is my GGG/Gf, so our ancestries are linked directly.

Thomas married Elizabeth Croft at East Witton St. John on 25 th October 1856. He was still living with his parents at Angram cote, and Elizabeth was from Sowden Beck, born January 17 th 1832.

Above        MAP of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

Right           MAP of  INDIAN HEAD area 2014

Their first child John Walker Vayro baptised at East Witton 15 th August 1858 (PR 1857-1994 E22) and is shown aged 2 on the 1861 Census.
A daughter Ellen Vayro  baptised June 6 th 1860 Healey (E268) shown as 1 month? on 1861C
A son Robert Francis Vayro  baptised December 25 th 1865 at East Witton. A further daughter Mary Vayro was baptised October 8 th 1865 at East Witton, but was possibly buried at Healey aged 3? June 8 th 1867.

At this point Thomas and Elizabeth decided to emigrate to the USA, landing in Boston Massachusetts in 1869. His mother Mary retained Angram Cote farm until 1879 when she passed away, with his brother William moving from Tranmire Farm to take over at Angram Cote in 1867. This may have been a reason why Thomas decided to emigrate but impossible to prove.

A further daughter Mary Elizabeth was born July 28 th 1870, in Rhode Island, two years after arriving in the USA.

On the
 namely the Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Index I found details of two burials for Newport Rhode Island.

Entry 1   Elizabeth Vayro (Croft) May 12 th 1902 aged 71 (NT004) Parents Thomas and Mary Croft

Entry 2   Thomas Vayro may 12 th 1910 aged 77 (NT004) Parents James & Mary Vayro. These are also on

James the father of Thomas a prepared a will on the 15 th April 1863 and died 2 nd July 1863. The will was proven on 12 th January of 1964. Interestingly, only if his mother Mary died would Thomas inherit (along with his sister Esther) but Thomas was named as an Executor.

There is no mention of his brothers William, James or John, nor his other sisters Mary or Dorothy.

Last WILL and TESTAMENT of JAMES VAYRO 1795 to 1863
Of Angram Cote Farmstead in Ellingstring, East Witton, Wensleydale

This is the last Will and Testament of James Vayro farmer of Angharam Cote in the Parish of East Witton in the North Riding of the County of York

First my will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and give and bequeath to my wife
Mary Vayro all goods and chattels and Personal Property for her use the first she may remain my widow and if she remain my widow during the term of her natural life and whatsoever should remain my will is that it should be equally divided between my son Thomas Vayro and my daughter Esther Vayro furthermore my wish and will is that my son Thomas Vayro should have the farm if agreeable to the Marquis of Ailesbury and hereby nominate and appoint my wife Mary Vayro to be Executrix and my son Thomas Vayro to be Executor of this my last will and testament made this Fifteenth day of April One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Three --- James Vayro X ---  Signed Sealed and Published as the last will and testament of James Vayro who in the presence of us and in his presences and in the presences of each other and at his request have hereto on the day of the date above written   John Dodds --- William Todd --- In Her Majesty's Court of Bedale The Principal Registry In the Goods of James Vayro deceased

William Todd of Ellingstring in the Parish of Masham in the County of York shopkeeper make oath and say that I am one of the subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of James Vayro late of Angharam Cote in the Parish of East Witton and County Farmer deceased the said will being now hirsute and annexed and bearing date the fifteenth day of April One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Three and that the Said Estates Executor the said will on the day of the date thereof by making his mark at the foot of or end thereof as the same now appears thereon in the presence of me and of John Dodds the other subscribed witness thereto both of us being present at the same time and we thereupon attested and subscribed the said will in the presence of the said testator I further make Oath and say that previously to the execution of the said will by the said testator the same was seen to him by Robert Hardy in my presence and to the said testator at such time seemed thoroughly to understand and approve of the contents of his said will --- William Todd --- Sworn by the said William Todd at Masham in the County of York this Sixteenth of September 1863 before me --- John Calvert ---a Commissioner and administrator of the Court

Proved at London 12 th January 1864 by the Oaths of Mary Vayro widow and Thomas Vayro the son the Executors to whom Admin was granted



Thomas Vayro was born in Sep 1833 in East Witton North Yorkshire and died on 7 Dec 1910 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. Thomas married Elizabeth Croft, daughter of Thomas Croft and Ellen Falshaw on 25 th October 1855.
Elizabeth was born in 1832 in Yorkshire and died on 12 May 1902 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.
They emigrated from the UK to USA in 1869.
They had four children:
Robert Francis Vayro, John Walker Vayro, Ellen Vayro and Mary Elizabeth Vayro.
Thomas and family first appeared on the US Federal Census in 1880.


Robert Francis Vayro was born on 9 Jan 1862 in England and died on 20 Jun 1941 in
Howard, Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island. Other names for Robert were Frank Vayro and Robert Frank Vayro. He never married and had no children .  


John Walker Vayro was born in Dec 1859 in England, died on 15 Aug 1927 in Dennis Port, Massachusetts, USA, and was buried in Swan Lake Cemetery, Dennis Port, Barnstable, Massachusetts.
John married
Jane Fox, daughter of Henry Fox and Euphemia Irving, on 9 Nov 1879 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. Jane was born in Dec 1857 in England and died on 7 Oct 1922 in Rhode Island, USA.
They had two children:
Henry Irving Vayro and Thomas Croft Vayro.


Henry Irving Vayro
was born on 18 Aug 1880 in Rhode Island, USA, died on 14 Oct 1948 in 61 President Avenue, Providence, Rhode Is, USA, and was buried on 18 Oct 1948 in Newport, Rhode Island,USA.
Henry married
Mabel Kruger Mayer, daughter of Joseph Mayer and Matilda Vickers, Nov 1904 in Zahriskie Memorial Church of St John the Evangelist, Newport, Rhode Is, USA. Mabel was born on 12 Nov 1882 in Rhode Island, USA, died on 22 Jan 1964 in Congdon St, Providence, Rhode Is, USA, and was buried in Rhode Island Cemetery.
They had two children: Edith Irving Vayro and Marion Mayer Vayro.


Edith Irving Vayro
was born in 1906 in Rhode Island, USA.
Edith married
Kenneth Gould Burton, son of Sanford Burton (Dr) and Antoinette Wakefield
Marion Mayer Vayro was born on 12 May 1912 in Rhode Island, USA. Marion married Vernon Macduff, son of Joseph John Macduff  in 1941 in  Massachusetts.


Thomas Croft Vayro was born on 10 Jan 1885 in Rhode Island, USA, died on 4 Jun 1951 in 36 Dearborn St, Newport, Rhode Island, USA, and was buried on 8 Jun 1951 in Braman Cemetery, Newport, Rhode Is, USA. Thomas married Esther Bly Peckham, daughter of Herman F Peckham and Esther Ann Sweet, in 1909 in Rhode Island, USA. Esther was born on 15 Sep 1890 in Rhode Island, USA and died on 25 Dec 1970 in Brigham, Utah.
They had two children:
Grace Irving Vayro and Henry Peckham Vayro.


Grace Irving Vayro was born on 21 Oct 1911 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA and died on 1  Mar 1982 in Ogden, Utah. Grace married Henry Edgar Brousseau, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Brousseau  in Oct 1941 in St Mary's Church, Newport, Rhode Island, USA. Henry was born on 6 Jul 1911 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA and died on 13 Aug 1974 in St Benedict's Hospital, Brigham, Utah. They had three children: Croft Vayro Asselin, Doris and Marilyn Irving.


Croft Vayro Asselin Brousseau
Doris Brousseau born in 1945
Marilyn Irving Brousseau born on 30 Dec 1946 in Newport, Rhode Is.,  


Henry Peckham Vayro was born on 29 Jul 1918 in Rhode Island, USA and died in Jun 1977 of Bryans Road, Charles, Maryland. Another name for Henry was Harry P Vayro. Henry married Ann Veronica Rogers, daughter of Mr and Mrs Philip Rogers  in 1942 in St Joseph's Church, Newport, Rhode Is, USA. The marriage ended in divorce in Mar 1944. Henry next married Hope Virginia Gardner, daughter of Henry Gardner and Unknown, in Feb 1946 in Providence, Rhode Is, USA. Hope was born of Providence, Rhode Is, USA. They had two children: Thomas Gardner Vayro and Holly Grace Vayro.


Thomas Gardner Vayro was born on 22 Jun 1950 of Indian Head, Maryland, USA.  His assumed mother is Hope Gardner from middle name and age. Thomas married Janet E ?, daughter of Mr and Mrs ?. Janet was born 115 Sep 1952 of Indian Head, Maryland, USA.
They had two children:
Casey C Vayro and Jacqueline L Vayro.


Casey C Vayro was born in 1972 in Indian Head, Maryland, USA
Jacqueline L Vayro was born in 1976.


Holly Grace Vayro. Nothing is known about Holly Grace


John Walker Vayro next married Julia Frances Cobb (Nee Perry), daughter of Canada Perry and Charity Rogers, on 26 Aug 1906 in Dennis Port, Massachusetts, USA. Julia was born in 1859 in Dennis Port, Massachusetts, USA.


Mary Elizabeth Vayro was born on 28 Jul 1870 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA, died on 25 May 1954 in 93 Second St, Newport, Rhode Is, USA, and was buried in Old Cemetery, Newport, Rhode Is, USA.
Mary Elizabeth  married
Robert D Cooper (Jun), son of Robert and Virginia Cooper on 6 Aug1890 in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA. Robert was born in 1867 in Portsmouth, Rhode Is, USA and died in Dec 1947.
They had seven children:


William Cooper born in Tiverton, Rhode Is, USA,
Lewis F Cooper born Jamestown, Rhode Is, USA,
Raymond Cooper born in Boston, USA,
Harry Cooper born on 28 Sep 1892 in Newport, Rhode Island,
Charles Clifton Cooper born on 6 Aug 1896 in Newport, Rhode Island,
Archibald Porter Cooper born on 5 Sep 1894 in Newport, Rhode Island
Florence Cooper  born in Newport, Rhode Island


Ellen Vayro who married Edward Wilson and had  two children:
Mary A Wilson born in 1883 in Newport, Rhode Island
Mary married
Louis J Feller, son of Mr and Mrs George Feller on 16 Mar 1904 in Massachusetts, USA. Louis was born in 1880 in Germany.
Elizabeth Gertrude Wilson. born on 26 Jun 1897 in Newport, Rhode Island


VAYRO, Thomas, Newport Rhode Island, born Yorkshire England 1833, arrived Boston Massachusetts 1869, naturalised 19 May 1890
VAYRO, John W, Newport R.I., born 1857 Yorkshire England, arrived Boston Massachusetts March 15, 1863 naturalised 16 Mar 1885  (note that the year doesn’t match with other records),
VAYRO, Frank R, Newport Rhode Is, born 1863 England, arrived in Boston Massachusetts on
12 Mar 1869, naturalised 21 Mar 1890


1880 US Federal Census (SD 121, ED 97, p 23) Newport, Rhode Is (Coggeshall Avenue)

VAYRO, Thomas
, 45, farmer, b England, both parents b England
VAYRO, Elizabeth, 47, wife, keeping house, b England, both parents b England
VAYRO, Robert Francis, 18, son, farm hand, b England, both parents b England
VAYRO, Mary E, 9, daughter, b Rhode Is, both parents b England

1885 Rhode Is State Census  (household 48, indexed as VAGRO) Ward 5, Newport, Rhode Island

VAYRO, Thomas,
head, 51, b England, Farmer
VAYRO, Elizabeth, wife, 52, b England, housewife
VAYRO, Robert Francis, son, 28, b England, gardener
VAYRO, Mary E, dau, 15.b Newport,

1900 US Federal Census (ED 226, sheet 2b) Coggeshall Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island

VAUGHN, Thomas, head, b Sep 1832, 67, married 45 years, b England,
both parents b England, immig 1869, 31 years in US, naturalised, farmer
VAUGHN, Elizabeth, wife, b Jan 1832, 68, married 45 years, 4 children born, 4 living, b England, both parents b England, immig 1869, 31 years in US
VAUGHN, Robert F, son, b Jan 1862, 38, single, b England, immig 1869, occup: gardener

Mis-transcribed entry – note that the writing is very clearly VAUGHN on the original, but the details match exactly the VAYRO family, so can only assume that the enumerator copied the details from other notes onto the form incorrectly. Elizabeth died in 1902 and Thomas died in 1910 but he is shown on the 1910 Census with his son Robert F.

1910 US Federal Census  (ED53, sheet 6A)Coggeshall Ave, Ward 2, Newport, Rhode Island

VAYRO, Thomas, head, wid, 61, immig 1871 children born, 2 living, b England, general labourer
VAYRO, Robert F, son, 40, single, b England, gardener, private estate.  (immig 1869? Not 1871)

Family Grids for Thomas Vayro and Elizabeth Croft USA

The Black Sheep in Thomas and Elizabeth Vayro’s Family (son Robert Francis Vayro aged 36)

Washington Times October 15 th 1903, Page 12       "An Intruder Asleep in the Mills’ Villa"

“ In Newport, Rhode Island October 15 th, soundly asleep in the luxuriously furnished villa of Ogden Mills,
FRANK VAYRO was rudely awakened by a policeman at 3 o’clock yesterday morning. An hour later he was snoring on a rough plank in a cell at the police station. Vayro “just wandered in” he explained but as the Mills family had vacated Ocean View on September 15 th and a window was prised open, the sleeper was charged with burglary and will be held until Mr Mills or his representative arrives and it is learned if anything has been stolen from the house.”

Interestingly enough and some consolation, it turns out that Ogden Mills was a millionaire and according to a shorter report in the Evening World of the day before (October 14 th)

FRANK VAYRO, son of a police officer was captured in the Mills’ Stable. From his appearance Vayro had evidently taken up his residence for the winter.”

The question is whether or not
Franks father was trying to teach him a lesson, or perhaps something went wrong when trying to cover up the truth. It could of course be the Washington Times reporter using artistic licence simple embellishing the story to impress the editor.  Sleeping in an outhouse is not as serious as being caught in the master suite bedroom.  

It turns out that it wasn’t
Frank’s father that was a policeman, but his brother John Walker Vayro.

Searching the data on and the Newport Directories in particular I found the following :-

1882 and 1883 Directories of Trades for Newport, Maryland.

VAYRO   JOHN,       Driver, 285 Thames boards, 117 Springs
VAYRO   ROBERT  FRANCIS (FRANK)      Farmer, Coggleshall Ave, Nr Bancroft Ave    
VAYRO   THOMAS      Farmer, Coggleshall Ave, Nr Bancroft Ave

1890 Directory of Trades for Newport, Maryland

VAYRO   JOHN,       Policeman, Connection,  Houston Ave
VAYRO   ROBERT F     Gardener, Coggleshall Ave, Nr Bancroft Ave    
VAYRO   THOMAS      Farmer, Coggleshall Ave, Nr Bancroft Ave

So if Frank was still a Gardener in 1903, perhaps he was legitimately looking after the grounds of the Millionaire’s house, rather than breaking and entering.  Unfortunately there was no follow up in the Newspaper sources, so the case may never have come to court.

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