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Maternal Grandparents

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Parents of Phoebe Isabella Franks, Maternal Grandparents of John Rennison Vayro

Rather selfishly I have been tracing the male side of the family ancestry but recently I have been attempting to get past my Grandparents on my mother's side, which I must admit I have neglected in my research up to now. My Maternal Grandparents were George William Franks born 26th Nov 1889 in Stockton on Tees and Jane Hannah Potts born 3rd Aug 1891 in Weardale.

George and Hannah Franks were married on 20th January 1913 at Bishop Auckland Registry Office, which was just as WW1 was developing and my mother Phoebe Isabella Franks was born shortly afterwards on 23 rd April 1913.

Their son George Albert Franks was born 24 th September 1914, and married Violet Jones on 31 st December 1938 at Crook Moravian Church and had two daughters Dorothy and Louise.

Their other daughter Jenny Franks was born 22 nd August 1918, married Charles Hamilton Sweeney on 23 rd June 1945 at St Catherine's Church Crook and had four children, Carol, Vincent and Valerie, (twins) and Deborah.

South End Villas, Crook 1949

Allotments Clarence Tce Willington 1951

I took a look at the appropriate Microfilms for Census Returns and found both sets of their Parents, and Grandparents, details as follows:-


1901 Census, at 8 Station Road, in Stockton on Tees
Maternal Great Grandfather George Franks aged 39 a Boiler Machine Labourer Born Northallerton Yorkshire possibly in 1862? Maternal Great Grandmother Phoebe A Franks aged 37 Born Leeds possibly 1864? together with my Grandfather George William Franks aged 10 Born Stockton. Also present were his siblings, Sarah A, aged 14 a worker in a Vinegar Factory, Rosina aged 13, Phoebe A aged 7, Isabella aged 5 and Ralph aged 5 months.

1891 Census at 8 Station Street, in Stockton on Tees

Great Grandfather George Franks aged 29 an Engineering Workshop Labourer, Phoebe A Franks aged 27. Grandfather George William Franks aged only 1, together with Annie E aged 5 and Terressa A aged 3. It is worth noting that these two older daughters have totally different names on the 1901 Census, Sarah A and Rosina respectively. Also living in the house were Annie Stephenson recorded as sister. There was also Richard Franks aged 45, a Labourer in the Salt mines, and entered as Brother, obviously an elder brother of George. Stephenson could have been Phoebe A's maiden name before marriage and possibly the marriage of George and Phoebe took place in 1885/6?

1881 Census at 3 Shakespeare Street in North West Stockton on Tees
Great Grandfather George Franks aged 19 a labourer born Northallerton, shown as Brother in Law and Unmarried, and living with John Downes aged 30 an Engine Fitter Born in Hull, and
Hannah Downes aged 27 born Northallerton. At no 4 Shakespeare Street was a Jane Ann Franks aged 17 a visitor and probably a younger sister of George. (Jane Ann on 1871 C)

1871 Census at the Northallerton Workhouse
George Franks aged 10 a scholar living with 28 other people including his parents
Great Great Grandfather Richard Franks aged 54 a Husker (street seller of ales) and born Knaresborough in Yorkshire and Isabella Franks aged 50 a Re-upholsterer born Cockermouth in Cumberland as well as brother James aged 12 a scholar and his sister Jane Ann aged 6 also a scholar.

1861 Census 30 Chapman's Yard, Northallerton

GGG Richard Franks aged 45 bricklayer's labourer born Northallerton and GGG Isabella Franks wife, aged 43 born Cockermouth Cumberland as well as son Richard, aged 13 an assistant at the Union Corn Mill, Daughter Mary, aged 10, Daughter Hannah aged 7, Daughter Isabella aged 5, and son James aged 2, but no entry for George.

1851 Census White Swan Yard Northallerton

GGG Richard Franks aged 36 Flower Uneaser and GGG Isabella Franks wife, aged 33, Char Woman , Son William Dawson Franks aged 9, Son Richard Franks aged 3, and Son David Franks aged 16 months.

Back Row, Albert Franks, John Rennison, Violet Franks, Phoebe Vayro, Hannah Franks, Jenny Sweeney, GF George Franks
front Row, Loise Franks, Dorothy Franks, Clifford Roy Vayro, Vincent Sweeney, Valerie Sweeney, Carol Sweeney.


1901 Census for Middle Bishopley, near Frosterley Co Durham

Great Grandfather George Potts aged 37 Farmer Quarry Labourer Born Crook Co Durham possibly 1864? Great Grandmother Mary J Potts aged 31 Born Howden Le Wear possibly 1870? together with My Grandmother Jane Hannah Potts aged 9 Born Tow Law. Also present were Mary Isabella aged 8 born Tow Law, Beatrice A aged 5 born Tow Law, and Sarah E born in Frosterley Weardale, George and Mary were possibly married circa 1892?

1891 Census in East Park Wolsingham
Great Grandfather George Potts aged 26 Farmer's son
Great Great Grandfather Joseph Potts aged 64 a farmer born Satley
Great Great Grandmother Jane Potts aged 69 a farmer's wife born Satley
And Jane Potts aged 30 George's elder sister

1881 Census in 26 Central Street Helmington Row
Great Grandfather George Potts aged 16 a Colliery Labourer
Great Great Grandfather Joseph Potts aged 59? A Colliery Labourer born Crook?
Great Great Grandmother Jane Potts aged 58? a farmer's wife born Crook?
Together with his brother's John aged 24, and Thomas aged 18, also Colliery Labourers
And his elder sisters Elizabeth aged 22 and Jane Potts aged 20.

1871 Census in 285 West Durham Railway Cottages, Helmington Row
Great grandfather George R Potts aged 6 a scholar
Great Great Grandfather Joseph Potts aged 45? a Colliery Labourer
Great Great Grandmother Jane Potts aged 48? wife
Together with brother's Mary aged 12, John aged 11, and Thomas W aged 8

Unfortunately up to now I have been unable to trace the Potts family on the 1861 Census across Durham County, and consequently cannot progress backwards in time to the 1851 Census returns. But in time I hope to do so.


Left Record Card
Below left Enlistment Report Sheet
Below right Protection Certificate & Identity Certificate

The Index Cards &Medal Rolls for soldiers in WW1 1914/1920 can be viewed at

(The National Archives (NA WO 363) - Soldiers' documents, First World War, 'Burnt Documents', described at )


Born 26th Nov 1889 in Stockton

World War One Service Records (Short Service)
Labour Corps, Durham Light Infantry
Army No. 493817
Durham Light Infantry No. 103084

Medal Card shows
Victory Medal and British War Medal

Extractions from the Service Record Papers

Enlistment Address,
8 Church Hill, Crook, Co Durham

Trade Fellmonger and Carrier (Skin Cart Dealer)

Date of Enlistment 28 th February 1916
Aged on Enlistment 26 years 3 months

Discharged 8 th September 1917

Height 5 foot 5 inches
Waist 36 inches

Wife Jane Hannah Franks
Married 2 Sept 1910 Bishop Auckland Reg Office

Daughter Phoebe Isabella Franks 23 April 1913
Son Albert Franks 26 March 1914
Daughter Jennie Franks 22 August 1917

Theatre of War, Northern France
Ex Force France 9 Sept 1917 to 11 April 1919
North Camp Ripon 11 April 1919
Final Demobilisation 11 April 1919 No. 142/302

Hospitalisation at Aldershot?
1 March 1919 to 14 March 1919 is the National Archives
general guide for how to search for military records.


Stamped Recruiting Office,
Fawcett Street, Sunderland 5 Feb 1917
Registered Bradford 3 May 1917
8 April 1817 TAB 2?
24 April 1917 Vace 4-2
26 April 1917

Service Table Bradford 18 April 1917 to 26 July 1917
Discharge and Demobilisation Unit 530 (HT)
Reg No. T/327015 Driver aged 36

Father George Franks, Deceased

George Williuam Franks Born 26 November 1889
"Western Australia" is shown on form.
Attested Crook 28 February 1916

Labour Army Reserve 29 February 1916
Mobilised 17 April 1917 to 8 September 1917
Posted ASC (H T &S) No 3 18 April 1917
Joined Bradford (3 Coy ARC) 18 April 1917

Embarked Southampton for France 9 September 1917
Disembarked Havre 10 September 1917

Sailed on "S S Londonderry", Woolwich Dockyard to A S G Base Depot (H T & S)

ASC / N16 / 6775 Base Depot
203rd Res Park 5 October 1917

CAV FA Admin (Influe) ED 8430
8 November 1918 to 19 October 1918
Discharged to Duty 26 October 1918 ED 8686

3 R Pk Leave
8 Dec 1918 to 22 December 1918
14 Gen Hospital Psoriasis 18 March 1919 HA 35228
8 Sty Hospital 19 March 1919 HA 35251
Invalided to England 22 March 1919 W3083

Signed off to Hospital Andrew 23 March 1919
By Major/Colonel G Heathwood I/C R A S C section

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