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Johnathan Paul

John Rennison


Last but not least is the age old saying, our son Johnathan Paul was born on 13 th September 1972, in Cameron’s Maternity Hospital, Hartlepool. We had moved to Hartlepool two years earlier, after saving hard for a mortgage. There was a slight problem after his birth, so he was kept in hospital for a few days, and when he arrived home his sleeping and feeding patterns had been firmly established by the nurses, and we seldom lost a night’s sleep thereafter.

Between the ages of 8 and 12 we spent time walking in Teesdale, or with me riding a racing cycle and he and his mates riding “chopper bikes”, which were all the rage at the time.
At Barnard Grove Primary he played the trumpet in the school orchestra, which continued through into the Comprehensive School where he once played alongside members of the Green Howards band. He became a keen chess player and is now a competent guitarist.

Most of our holidays were spent in caravans in Wyms Bay and Haggerston Castle, or boarding houses in Columbus Ravine in Scarborough. We often raced round Peasholme Park Lake in a rowing boat or canoes to see how many times we could get round the island in the half hour before the attendant shouted “come in number 6”. One year we stood too close to the railings on the seafront and a large wave came over our heads and drenched us all.

Following school Johnathan (or John which he prefers) entered an Engineering Construction Apprentice Training Scheme at the NETA training centre in Portrack Lane, Stockton, and followed courses in Welding and Fabrication (1989 to 1991). In his final year he gained an award for Trainee Apprentice Welder of the Year awarded by Press Construction Ltd. His first placement was working with Wimpey Construction, on the Enron gas fired Power Station, and since 1993 he has been with Amec on a variety of projects, working his way up from welding, to Welding Supervision and Inspection, and Quality Control in Welding Engineering.

Johnathan aged 10 months  1973

Johnathan age 10 and sister Jackie age 13,
in 1982 at Knaresborough Zoo

Johnathan married Tracey Stonehouse on 30 th July 1994 at Holy Trinity Church in Hartlepool with their reception at the Staincliffe Hotel in Seaton Carew. Their son Adam David Vayro was born on 30 th June 1996 in the maternity suite of Hartlepool General Hospital, and their daughter Chloe Louise Vayro was also born there on 9 th May 1998.

In the early stages of his career he was only responsible for welding in a range of steels and aluminium, and after joining AMEC Construction, over the years  has gradually been given more responsibility, and was appointed to their full time staff in 2005.  He has had various  positions within the company, as Welding Inspector or Quality Control Engineer, with the general oversight and supervision of teams of welders and with responsibility for all procedures, checking other welder’s qualifications and recording all relevant information for each project. In effect all aspects of Project Management.

At one point in his career he joined the team of staff at NETA in Stockton, as a Welding Instructor / Lecturer, (1997-1999) and stayed with them for a period of eighteen months. This involved training apprentices in welding and fabrication, and the certification and examination processes before they could enter industry.

John has worked for various companies including King-Wilkinson in Saudi Arabia and for De Groot Offshore on an Alpha Gas Rig platform in the North Sea, but also on prestigious projects with Caxios, at Wilton ICI, Philips and British Petroleum, Conoco, Kemera, at widespread places near Grangemouth, Southampton, Humberside, Great Yarmouth, Kirby in Liverpool and Teesside and with Lloyds of London.  

One of the major disadvantages of his chosen career is that he has to travel long distance to contract sites, and spend long periods of time away from his wife and children.  He is currently a Senior Project Manager for Amec Construction.

Johnathan Paul Vayro and Tracey Stonehouse
2003 with Chloe Louise and Adam David Vayro

Official Wedding Day Photo 1994

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