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Jacqueline Anne

John Rennison


Jacqueline Anne, our second daughter was also born at Thorpe Maternity Hospital on 17 th February 1969, and we were living in a four bedroom house in Peterlee. With heavy snow overnight, there was also a layer of ice on the roads. Labour had started during the night and Barbara was taken to hospital by June Luke a close friend, who happened to be a midwife at the same hospital. In a Morris Mini car, on icy roads the journey took longer than usual, and arriving just in time, Jackie was born “face to pubis” which basically means looking up towards her mother’s naval, out at the world.

Jackie is a bit of an eccentric, accident prone, excitable in nature and always in trouble.
So much so that her friends and family have nicknamed her “Wackie Jackie” after the children’s TV show. At Primary School she fell from the wall bars and broke her wrist. At Secondary School, while lifting a trampoline in bare feet she lost  the tip of her small toe. Despite this having occurred whilst in school they sent out the “kiddie-catcher”, to see why she was not attending. When one of her teachers clipped her over the head, she simply stood up, and hit him back. Jackie has always believed that despite getting into trouble for her actions, being punished for them was wrong, but her “street credibility” must have improved overnight with her peers.  There was also an occasion when she stood on a sewing needle in her bare feet and with only a small red dot showing it was two days later that Jackie had to have an operation on her Big toe to remove the needle. She still bears the scars to prove it. Our family holidays were equally exciting with Jackie around. A fish bone stuck in her throat at Scarborough, falling down stairs in the farmhouse in Fort William, are only two of many.

On leaving school Jackie began a YTS course in Hairdressing, but left to take up a full time job in a small salon. Within a month of using dyes and bleaches she developed a severe allergic rash, which in some ways was fortunate because she could have spent three years at college only to find she could not take it up as a career. Jackie then transferred to a YTS scheme in Retail and Distribution / Hotel Management, which didn’t work out due to the fact that her placements were at the Blue Bell Hotel in Middlesborough, and the Pot and Glass in Durham, which involved travelling for over an hour at both ends of the working day. She did however spend some time as a waitress at the Seaton Hotel in Seaton Carew. Her other placements were at Walter Wilson’s and Paige Fashions where she was taken on full time.

Jackie aged 3  1972

Jackie aged 5 and Allison aged 7 in 1974

In her late teens and early twenties Jackie always seemed to have a liking for motorbikes and particularly the bikers that rode them. She married her childhood sweetheart Garry Smith at Holy Trinity Church in Hartlepool in July 1989, and despite living together in a caravan and later in a flat, they agreed to split up. For reasons only known to Jackie, she decided rather irrationally to marry Simon Dean Hibburt in 1991 at the local Registry Office. Fortunately this was not to last, and he disappeared into the sunset (to Ireland we heard) never to be seen again. Hovering in the background was another biker, George Lennard, who she had known for some time, and George and Jackie were married by special licence on 24 th August 2001 at Shotton Hall Hotel in Peterlee. Their son Kearan Dean Vayro Lennard was born 26 th January 1992, and their daughter Jamie Lee Vayro Lennard was born 28 th October 1996., both at Hartlepool General Hospital.

Jackie has always been an animal lover, very tender hearted, and has rescued anything that was hurt or needed a home. At one time our budgerigar fell down the back of a radiator, and Bobtail our rabbit developed arthritis in the hutch outside our back door. In more recent times she has had cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and on their allotment a range of chickens, geese and ducks. Her ambition has always been to work professionally with animals, to set up a children’s animal park, or work in a zoo, but the opportunity has never arisen. Instead she took up work in Alexandre’s factory as a sewing machine operator until Kearan was born. Being married, looking after a home and two young children was a full time job in itself, but at one point she was assistant manager in a petrol station, but after taking extra qualifications is currently a Special Needs Teaching Assistant in a local primary school.

Wedding Day Group August 2001

Shotton Hall Peterlee Wedding Day

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