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Allison Jayne

John Rennison


Three years after we were married our first daughter was born at Thorpe Maternity Hospital near Easington in County Durham March 29 th 1967. There were complications with her birth, and late at night there were no consultants to attend for a couple of hours, and afterwards Barbara received several pints of blood to compensate. At the time we were living in a two bedroom flat at the top of a block of three in Peterlee. Carrying her pram up and down the staircase was no fun, and until she was 4 months old she slept in her pram in our hallway, and often outside in the summer sunshine, something that would never be contemplated in present times.

Allison was baptised at St Mary’s Church in Howden le Wear, so that both sets of grandparents did not have to travel far for the ceremony. As an infant Allison’s speech developed quickly but at ten month old would still shuffle around on her bum to reach toys, and one day astonished us by simply standing up and toddling, and never looked back. All our three children, including Allison went to Barnard Grove Primary School, and then on to Henry Smith’s Comprehensive (now St Hild’s School) in Hartlepool. As a rather sensitive child she was bullied at her Primary School until one day she retaliated and fought back, boosting her confidence when the bullying stopped from that point onwards. Allison, Jackie and Johnathan all did well in GCE and CSE exams, particularly on the practical side, in Allison’s case Art and Cookery.

On leaving secondary school she enrolled on a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) in Catering, with courses at the Technical College and work experience at the Windsor Restaurant and at Massarella’s Cafeteria. From this she obtained a full time job and eventually worked her way up to become assistant manageress, until the store closed due to relocation.

Allison aged 2 months 1967
and Mother Barbara

Jackie age 14 and Allison age 17
with Brandy 1984

Allison married Paul Holdsworth at Holy Trinity Church in Hartlepool in June 1990.
In the early stages of their marriage, they lived with us (as have all of our three children and their partners at one time or another), and in the middle of the night we rushed Allison down to Hartlepool General Hospital and
Lauren Amie Holdsworth was born 29 th December 1990, our first and later found to be a very special grandchild. Allison and Paul moved out into a small terrace house in Blackhall, and along came Rebecca Jade Holdsworth on 13 th November 1993. Another move to a house with a larger garden and Abbie May Holdsworth arrived on 26 th March 1996.

At this point disaster struck, and without any real hint or warning, Paul decided that he could not cope with the stress and strains of everyday life, and he left Allison to cope on her own. Since that point Allison has brought up her three daughters, virtually on her own, and although it blasted her security and sanity apart, has done a remarkable job of raising Lauren, Rebecca and Abbie. This has been even more time consuming, stressful and exhausting for Allison due to the fact that Lauren at ten months old wasn’t yet crawling or even lifting her head. Despite numerous visits to consultant specialists over several years, no full diagnosis has ever been made but Lauren needs constant supervision, otherwise her mischievous streak rises to the surface.

Several years on, with all three children left school, it is only now that Allison has had time to look outwards and make plans for her own and their future. She has had time to embark on and successfully complete a range of computing courses. Meeting a newpartner
Ian Cunningham made a considerable difference, and they were married in March 2007 at Peterlee Register Office.  Allison started working as an assistant “Dinner Nanny” looking after the children at lunch times in a local Primary School, her potential was realised and having taken additional examinations she now holds the position of Senior Secretary and Manager of the School Office.

Allison Jayne Cunningham nee Holdsworth nee Vayro
2002  with daughters Rebecca Jade ,
Lauren Amie , and Abbie May Holdsworth

Wedding Day March 2007

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